Conditions of billing
Our prices are all taxes included.
Convention Express, the rented equipment cannot be moved from its place of use which will be stipulated at the signing of the order form, under penalty of an additional billing representing an indemnity equal to the purchase order.
Terms of payment
Deposit agreed when ordering.
The total balance of the lease, including any costs of transport will be set during the installation or removal of the material.
We invite you to book as quickly as possible to ensure you our best service and availability of our materials.
Security deposit
A deposit of € 1000 per structure may be required, being stipulated that this sum will be rendered during the recovery or restitution of material and after clearance of accounts in particular of the slip cover and any additional invoices for the fact of loss, theft, damage etc.
Special conditions
All cancellation requests must be made in writing.
Any cancellation, the client makes causes immediate enforceability, as Davis, following charges:
In the event of cancellation of the order more than 30 days prior to the date of delivery: the deposit paid at time of booking will be rendered between 30 and 15 days before the beginning of the rental: 70% of the total amount of the rental will be, and less than 15 days before the beginning of the rental: 100% of the total amount of the rental will be of. In the event of non-use of the equipment the client may not claim a rebate or a refund. Any additional order will be a particular supplement and said contract breaking.
Hardware state
The delivered material is still in good condition. Both taking or shipping, refund or recovery, the tenant is required to verify, in the presence of the owner, the conformity of the equipment with the purchase order. The material is under the full responsibility of the customer the moment where it took possession, even if provision occurs before the date specified in the contract, and until the return or until the time of the recovery in the case of transport by the lessor. He must, notably for tents and structures, specific insurance in civil liability, theft, fire, vandalism, weather, replacement value.
The client must be on-site for the delivery and recovery equipment. In case of absence of the client to support, delivery is assumed to be consistent: absent from the client to the recovery, the client accepts in advance the particulars of the cover slip and waives any challenge to this chef in advance
In case of loss, theft or damage, the equipment will be charged new replacement, at the request of the tenant, an evaluation of this material will be provided, so that the lessee can make sure this material by his own insurer. However, the tenant must immediately refund or recovery of material, ensuring immediate payment, making his personal matter of reimbursement by his own company. In any case, the lessor cannot be held responsible for damage, accidents or incidents caused by his equipment on the premises of use or during the carriage performed by the customer. The renter declines any liability for accidents that may occur during the use of gas appliances or electrical
Rent a tent reception - structure
The tenant shall be deemed to know the means of attachment of the equipment ground and in particular that certain fasteners will up to 1.20 m deep, it should ensure, in this case, the basement of the ground where the installation will be done contains no cables or pipes, foundations, etc. Otherwise, the lessee is committed to taking at least 8 days prior to the date of installation and by registered letter addressed to the headquarters of the company, a plan detailed and precise in the basement. If this is omitted, the liability of the tenant will be full if the means of attachment of the equipment on the ground could not be driven properly, or if there occurred an accident to staff of the hirer, its equipment or a third party. If subsequently an error assessing installation cannot take place on the planned field, all of the amount stipulated in the contract is in will be not less than due. If, although it is not required to do so, the renter agrees to wear the equipment in another place, it will be disregarded delays that may take place. A supplement may be requested. In the event of fall of snow, the tenant undertakes to heat the tent day and night during the rental period or shovel the roof. The renter is not responsible for damage of goods and equipment belonging to the tenant, the infiltration of water is always possible. In case of wind never let a tent a half open.

In inclement weather or unforeseen accidents making it impossible to routing equipment and thereby the performance of the contract, payments and deposit shall be immediately returned by the contractor without giving rise to damages.

In case of dispute, only the Court within the jurisdiction of the headquarters of the hirer will be competent to learn.