Tips and advice

You decided to organize your wedding, reception or cocktails at home, under a tent or a tent we will guide you in this choice.

This choice will allow you to experience unique moments, that you will share with your guests in a pleasant and privileged that is yours.

In this thorough preparation Leisure Services can guide you in your choice and puts at your disposal its experience, with the aim of quality reception.

Space required depends on the number of invites, the desired comfort and on the available installation surface.

Depending on the type of reception here are a few rules to know:

Your reception

You have chosen a menu served at the table or buffet, the space you need remains the same in either case.

The choice of the round tables is often seen more user-friendly than rectangular tables, but uses slightly more space in the tent.

Example: Your receipt must accommodate 100 guests for a meal, choose a capital of at least 100 m² if you use round tables and at least 80 m² with rectangular tables.

You have chosen to add a dance space, allow a minimum of 0.50 surcharge m² / person is for 100 diners a marquee from 130 to 150 m².

In all cases a larger surface will increase the comfort and the ease of your reception.

space plan

Sit-down dinner (round table) = 1 m² per person

Sit-down dinner table (rectangular) = 0.80 m² per person

Meal sitting with a dance floor and corner DJ = 1.50 m² per person

Standing reception, glass of wine or cocktails = 0.50 to 0.80 m²/people

Meeting seminar ceremony in a row = 1 m²/person

Average which remains at the discretion of each and may be modified according to your convenience.

Your coktail

Have your buffet inside the cocktail tent is a guarantee of freshness, quality and hygiene for your preparations. Place a few eat standing up and have a few chairs here and there, so that your guests can arise a moment.

So your cocktail will be an unparalleled success.

Example: Your receipt must accommodate 100 guests for a cocktail party choose a tent from 50 m² to 80 m² depending on the desired comfort.

Your comfort

The floor or parquet will be indisputable comfort and welcome, especially on loose soil.

Heating, will be a comfort to complement the room temperature, sometimes a little cool even in summer.

Of course the lighting will be proposed and installed where appropriate.

Plan ahead

All dates agree, the summer being coveted, plan the earlier your reservation. Spring and autumn are excellent alternative and also nice.

does pas poublier

Plan sufficient electrical connection, ask your caterer and your DJ the powers they need.
Your electric contract can be increased even for a short moment, the solution of a generator is always possible.

Think of the mobile toilets, much appreciated comfort.